The Witchmen

the side everyone else wants to be (IVFDF 2006)


We do some distinctly masculine pagan fertility dances and all our dancers are men. We do appreciate both male and female dancers though and unlike some sides (often their name includes the phrase 'morris men') we are not a bunch of bigoted old misogynists and we enjoy dancing out and socialising with men's, women's and mixed sides.


We have probably the best and most memorable music of any morris side, our band consists mainly of ex-dancers and partners & ofspring of dancers. We never recruit musicians.


No Morris dance experience is required as long as you can move in time to music.


We practise most Sundays from October to late April between 11:30 and 1:00 in Isham village hall near Kettering, Northants. You must be able to attend at least 75% of these practices (current members travel every week from Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, Yorkshire, Berkshire and Leicestershire).


We usually dance at about eight weekend folk festivals per year from May to September, plus a few one-offs in the winter, see our current bookings. You must be able to commit to virtually all of these events.

If you are interested please contact Terry.