The Witchmen

The needle and the damage done (Neil Young)

Dan @ English Rose, Peterborough starting Phil's Escher snakes Phil's Escher snakes outline Phil's Escher snakes Stage3
Mez's arm Mez's Lugh
Rich's 'Old School tattoo' Ruth's Green Man
Eileen's Green (wo)man
Ruth's Medieval Pete's Rose
Lurk's DNA Tree of Life Gwil's Cernunnos
Linda's Celtic Phil's Celtic Band
Mez's arse antlers Mez's ivy
Terry's Celtic Band Terry's Eye of Horus
Rob's Leaf pattern Rob's Sun in Splendour
Luke's Tribal Terry's Mjölnir (not a Celtic Phalus)
Fran's Frog
Mez's Crow Girls Dic's Celtic Band
Eileen's Full Rigged Ship Ella's Back
Dic's Nipple Eileen's celtic/pagan Moons
Mez's Raven Woman Phil's Green Man
Dic's Triskele Will's Skull
Mez's Crow

Ruths back - A Work in progress

Ruth's Pent
Ruth's Back
Ruth's Back